The following interview appeared in White Magazine, in April, 2018. What appears below is my edited version of that interview. Matt and Katy from Rope and Pulley Wedding Photography asked me to take a look at the original transcript as they are very protective of their professional image. The changes that I have made could not be included in the final publication, unfortunately, due to production limitations. 

Rope and Pulley

There is a love story in every wedding we film. We work on getting to know each couple and planning how we will capture on film their unique and beautiful stories. We have found that this vital preparation allows couples to be more relaxed and focused on the more significant aspects of the day.

 How do you guys create imagery that connects people to the love story being told?

Creating beautiful imagery through photography and film is really about storytelling. All of the best stories have truths in them that we can all identify with. Those are the moments when real life and the genuine affection we have for each other are on display. As artists, nothing is more beautiful or compelling than real expressions of love and the connections between people. These moments are candid - honest. They’re the ones that can be easily missed or overlooked; a glance, a touch, these are the raw emotional moments that make up the day and they’re the moments that we aim to capture.

How did Rope and Pulley start?

Well, you could say that Rope and Pulley actually started way back in 1788. My ancestors on the First Fleet, Anthony Rope and Elizabeth Pulley, were one of the first European couples married in Australia. Of course, there were no photographers available then but when Katy and I decided to get married, we struggled to find a good photographer.

I loved my wife the minute that I saw her. Funnily enough it was in a photography studio. We shared our ideas about art, music and our favourite photographers. My background is in art, photography and TV editing, while Katy worked as an art/photography teacher. We are both Masters accredited in our fields.

Like all couples, we wanted our photographers to capture our wonderful love story. Finding someone who could do this proved to be just so difficult! We searched EVERYWHERE for a good photographer. Well, we did eventually find a terrific photographer – through White Magazine, I might add, and we are just so grateful for the photos that he took.

With all of this in mind we knew that we could provide the kind of photographic service that we had so much difficulty finding for our own wedding. It is such a pleasure for us to help couples record the significant events of their wedding day.

What’s your approach when shooting a wedding?

It is really important to our process that we meet with and get to know our couples. It usually involves a very informal chat about who they are as a couple and their story. We determine what is important to the couple and the kinds of images that they want for their wedding day. We create a run sheet with the couple. We also scope out locations for the pictures. We use all of this to brief our team so that the day runs smoothly. One of the advantages of being so thorough in the planning stage is that it allows for the flexibility that weddings often require.

Colour is such a subjective aspect of photography and film – how do you guys get it right?

We know we have got it right when we get that excited feeling when we are shooting or looking through and editing our images. We have both always been creative and when we find the right colour treatment for images it can become really exciting and we know we have just nailed it. Our range of treatments can even include black and white images and these can be spectacular. The process of finding the right treatment and editing images can be agonising at times but this is such an important aspect of what we do - and we love it!

What does marriage mean to you?

We are best friends, confidants and each other’s cheer squad. We spend so much time together; we even work together. But we never get bored. We have, it seems, an endless reservoir of unconditional mutual kindness and goodwill for each other.

We see so much potential in each other, and I think that same potential is what we see in all of our couples and we love to capture that.  Being that storyteller for just one day with our photography and film is a real honour and privilege for us both.