Our Other Dream

The Great Australian Dream

In previous posts I have talked about living this great life and all of the experiences that come with this lifestyle. I have to admit that I have another dream and it’s the great Australian dream. Yep, even though I love this life right now, I am looking forward to the time when we own a piece of this earth.

Rachel and I are travelling light and living light right now but later on we want to be able to make decisions about the house we live in, like the colour of the walls and the furniture we own. Belongings are important. The things we buy and keep reflect who we are and at some point we want to express ourselves in that way.

There is no denying that our current lifestyle can help us to achieve our other dream. It has its challenges but these are remarkably few. And we save so much in rent! I think of all of our friends who are travelling a more traditional path by renting while they save their deposit for their own place. They struggle to save anything while they pay $600 a week, or more, to rent a tiny two bedroom flat in the city. That is $30,000 each year!

Struggle leads to ingenuity

House prices in Australia are ridiculous. I know this is probably not news to anyone. The facts speak for themselves: According to a study conducted by Demographia, Sydney has the second most unaffordable housing in the world. They described housing in Sydney as “extremely unaffordable” and it is second only to Hong Kong. You only have to look at the inflated prices that people are forced to pay for houses that need a complete makeover, possibly with a bulldozer, to know that the Demographia mob are accurate in their analysis.

“We should take care when we apply 20th century thinking to solve the problems that we face in the 21st century.”

This challenge requires us to become more creative if we are to achieve our dream. We should take care when we apply 20th century thinking to solve the problems that we face in the 21st century. We really need to live smarter. This is just one of the reasons why we are house sitting.

Living the Dream to achieve the great Australian Dream

Are we on the way to achieving our goals? You bet! We make sure that we keep our eye on our savings targets while we immerse ourselves in the adventure of our current lifestyle. I’m looking forward to getting our own place but in the meantime, we are loving Just Living the Dream.