Looking for Gold

Looking for gold.

Whether I am writing a long or a short piece, I always go in search of the one, key idea that sums up everything I want to say. This may seem kind of obvious but when you find that brilliant thought, that piece of magic that brings everything together, that is when you know you have done your job. It is only then that you can down tools and sit back and be satisfied. It really is like finding a gold nugget.

Thinking? Agonising is more accurate.

I would like to claim that what I come up with is all my own work and all my own thinking but whenever I find those nuggets of gold I can’t help but think that those key ideas come from somewhere outside of me. Call it inspiration, or dumb luck, whatever is your preference but they are like a gift; a reward for my effort. My part in making those creative ideas come about is the hard work I do researching my topic and taking time to think about everything to do with the topic and the audience. Thinking is the important bit. But, “thinking” is too moderate a term; it would be more accurate to describe it as “agonising”. Thankfully, the results are usually worth experiencing a little mental anguish.  

Too Busy?

“I’m too busy to think about that stuff,” I hear you say.

The busy-ness of life in the 21st century has left us with even less time to do that important thinking. And, with the increasing demand for businesses and agencies to have an accurate and engaging online presence, it is even more vital that more time and effort is allocated to strategic marketing.

This can seem like more of a distraction when your core business needs your undivided attention.

When a business owner or manager employs a copywriter, they are not just getting words on a page, they can and should expect to get a thoughtful consideration of their business and their products.

This is where I can help.

Contact me about your marketing needs and let me do some of the thinking that you struggle to find time for. Let me help you in your search for those gold nuggets